of organizations use cloud services to remain agile and competitive.

of organizations leverage a hybrid cloud solution to control resource costs while maximizing performance.

Our colocation service is established with our customers’ needs in mind. We understand the need for businesses to place their most highly protected data at a data centre with the best facilities. Our data centre suites are built to ensure our clients get the protected network with the highest level of security they need.

Why Colocate with us?

Gego Cloud is designed to give you everything you need to maximize your business uptime.

Always On Power Allocation

Your server at the designated rack space will be equipped with an always-on power allocation. Even though the Server goes through many cycles of power usage, peak vs. off-peak periods throughout the day, you will be amazed that our facility is optimized to accommodate your power requirements.
Shared Bandwidth

A 100Mbps Internet Connection is immediately ready for you to do great things on the Internet once your server is plugged-in. Network monitoring tool is at your perusal to help you determine the ideal settings for your website traffic with the flexibility to upgrade the Internet bandwidth if necessary.
All-Around Protection

Our data centre is in compliance with Global Carrier standards. The facilities are under 24x7 customer care, enhanced security and safety with a centralized monitoring system, powered by dual power distribution system backed by UPS and generators in N+1 configuration. It is also set up with early fire detection and FM200 suppression system, plus it is a guarded building with secure door access and CCTV surveillance system.
Temperature Regulated Facility

On top of the regulated temperature of 20°C (±2°C) and humidity of 50%rH (± 5%rH), we arranged server racks into rows of hot and cold aisles, so that the mixing of air in the data centre is minimized. Racks are also organized with the heaviest and most power-dense equipment at the bottom to give that equipment the best access to the coldest air. We set up containment to provide complete segregation of the hot and cold air streams, which has the benefit of reducing energy use in the HVAC system.
Co-location Features

Flexible Storage Space
Flexible storage space, ranging from standard 1U to full rack of 42U can be utilized for your deployment. For a standard 1U unit, you can install one piece of rack-mount equipment in this allocated 1U rack space. The sliding rails can lock in various extended positions to prevent the equipment from moving if extended out from the rack for service. This rack design permits easy server installation and removal. A KVM switch is used to share a single keyboard/video/mouse set amongst many different servers.

Best Fit For Your Server
You bring in your favorite rack-mount server, regardless of brand and we will provide you the top class facility for it to shine. We are the fore-front runner in preparing our rack enclosure with strict adherence to all industry standards. Thus, your server will fit perfectly to the designated rack like it is a perfect fit.

1st Level Support
The 1st level support will be included in the Co-Location package as we perform basic server monitoring and handling such as checking the output from the server screen, pressing on/off switch to reset the Server, and swapping a faulty cable. Optional Server Management service is available to provide you with a comprehensive list of service options. In addition, the email ticketing system and online knowledge portal are always available if you have any questions. Our professional support team is always on standby to attend to your queries at any time.

Secure and Sustainable Infrastructure
We will help you achieve your business growth by providing excellent business infrastructure. With around the clock power access, monitoring, and workforce efficiency, you can focus on your business while we handle the rest. On top of that, we ensure the highest protection for your servers. Our Progenet Data Centre is PCI DSS and ISO 270001 certified.
Malaysia Menara Lien Hoe Co-location Plans
As low as

RM 2,300 /month
With 12 months commitment
Setup Fees RM1000/month
Order Code: C-CL-M-KL-42U-Y

1500 Kva x Power Consumption

20 x IPv4

20 x 10A C13 Power Socket

1 x 100Mbps RJ45 Port

100Mbps Shared Bandwidth

Unlimited Visit

Unlimited Reboot

24x7x365 Monitoring
What are the benefits of co-locating at your data centre as opposed to on premise?
The biggest advantage of co-locating is that you do not require dedicated support standing by 24x7x365 just to monitor your server. Instead, our Network Operations Team is on standby all day, every day. You can also benefit from the security that co-locating provides your business as data are kept privately at our Data Centre with proper audited accessibility, resulting lower risk of data theft and tempering. You also do not have to invest in purchasing DC equipment and infrastructure to enjoy our state-of-the-art Data Centre. We have in place a powerful Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) System to ensure that you have longer server lifetime.

Do you have backup system in case of an electricity outage?
Specifically at our CJ1 Cyberjaya Data Centre, we have 2MW Generator set with N+1 Setup with runtime capacity at full load of 48 Hours to power up in case of any power outage.

Can I have physical access to Data Centre within a short notice if there is an emergency?
Visits to IPServerOne's facility must be scheduled at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the visit. Should the customer need emergency access to their server computer, they must contact IPServerOne technical support and request access at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the emergency visit. The customer shall pay any/all related charges (such as security pass, property pass, time and assistance provided by IPServerOne, etc.). Also, customer shall submit a photo ID for IPServerOne's records prior to the initial visit to data centre facility. Customer who owns a Dedicated Server is not allowed to visit data centre unless there is a strong valid reason.

How do I manage my server if it is hosted offsite at your Data Centre?
You can always request access to data centre for troubleshooting and configuration. At the same time, you can setup remote access from your server to perform configuration off-site. However, if you require assistance on a task, such as server reboot or plug/unplug cable, you can consider purchasing our Smart Hand Service.
Gego Co-location
Gego Co-location

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