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What Is
App Virtualization?

How can you access one application or resource when it’s not stored directly on your device?

When you run an application on a machine that doesn’t have the app installed, the process is referred to as “application virtualization.” The application resides in a virtual machine on a different server or computer in a different location – and maybe on a different operating system.

As the number of remote employees increases, the need for app virtualization continues to grow.
IT teams are now tasked with the process of enabling people to work anywhere on any device – along with keeping application connections reliable, straightforward, and secure.

That’s where Gego Cloud steps in.

We install solutions that allow applications to be accessed from anywhere, any time. At the same, we ensure that these applications can be easily managed to promote a secure, productive, and happy work environment for everyone.

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Remote Access:
The Fast Solutions You Need

Application virtualization supports a wide range of application types with minimal restrictions.

The best part? Application virtualization software is easy to deploy and access through control authentications.

At the core of application virtualization, client service is the separation of the logical from the physical.
Gego Cloud takes the local operating machine and application, then eliminates any incompatibility issues between different devices.

It no longer matters what machine or operating system you use – we’ll make sure everyone can use your business applications to the fullest extent.

We can handle all of these services remotely – meaning we’ll provide expedient results that allow your team to be more productive than ever before.
Key Features

Reduce System Integration & Admin Costs
Application virtualization saves you from licensing dozens of different devices. Centralizing your license costs and reducing the number of devices that require technical support will do wonders to keep your IT costs low. According to IBM, desktop and application virtualization can help reduce costs by up to 30 percent.
Quicker, Better Software Maintenance
Instead of being forced to hop from server-to-server, a centralized virtual infrastructure streamlines regular and proactive maintenance. Application virtualization doesn’t just save you time - it streamlines IT support and maintenance needs which allows your team to focus on more important tasks.
Fast Problem Resolutions from Anywhere
Whether we’re backing your hardware up or helping you recover from a serious IT disaster, application hosting allows our experts to access your system from anywhere. Strengthen your problem resolution and recovery processes by giving us virtual access to all of your problems - without setting foot in the office.
Mitigate Software Obsolescence - Keep Costs Low
Don’t let your hardware systems become outdated and expose cybersecurity vulnerabilities. With app virtualization, we will perform continuous updates with ease - keeping your most valuable applications safe and productive.
Reliable Multi-Office Access with Ease
Businesses with multiple locations often virtualize an application due to software limitations and to enable employees from different offices to work within the same app or database while maintaining a single source of record. Outgrowing applications as businesses scale is common, but if software limitations or multiple offices is the reason that you may be forced to migrate services or software. Avoid costly migrations, expensive software upgrades and productivity losses from training your workforce on a new application by virtualizing your business application.
Granular Access and Security Controls
With application virtualization, not only does your team gain access to remote apps from anywhere but also contractors and partners. Application virtualization gives them secure remote access. It also gives you granular access control and advanced system monitoring (so you can see who’s doing what). Unlike local app installs, it uses an inherently secure architecture. When contractors are done, just remove their access. Additionally, there’s no data stored on their devices. Gego Cloud won’t allow application virtualization to jeopardize the safety of your company’s data privacy and security.
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What is Application Virtualization?
Application Virtualization, in general terms, represents a set of components and tools that remove the complexity of deploying and maintaining applications for desktop users; preserving only a small footprint of the operating system.

Getting more specific, Application Virtualization is a process for packaging (or virtualizing) an application and the environment in which the application works, and distributing this package to end users. The use of this package (which can contain more than one application) is completely decoupled from the common requirements (like the installation and uninstallation processes) attached to applications.

What are the drawbacks of a normal business application scenario?
The three major aspects are:

1. Special configurations every time that is deployed. Customizing files or setting special values within the application configuration environment.

2. It is also interconnected with other applications (for example, Java Runtime Environment, a local database engine, or some other particular requirement).

It demands several hours every week to support end users deployments and troubleshooting configurations.

How does Application Virtualization differ from running normal applications?
Application Virtualization offer us the possibility to guarantee that end users always have the same configuration deployed, no matter when or where, as you only need to configure it once and then wrap up the entire set of applications into one package.

In standard OS environments, applications install their settings onto the host operating system, hard-coding the entire system to fit that application’s needs. Other applications’ settings can be overwritten, possibly causing them to malfunction or break.
Gego Cloud App Virtualization
Gego Cloud App Virtualization

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